Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate


Fire Fighting Foam liquids are the ideal choice for extinguishing hydrocarbon fires. Foam Concentrates, when diluted with water and mixed with air, produce stable foam bubbles. These bubbles have a density lower than most burning liquids and therefore float on the surface of most hydrocarbon liquids. Foam bubbles cool and cover the burning liquids and hence extinguish the fire.

In general, we have two main groups of fire fighting foams:


1-Protein based

2-Synthetic based


Protein based foaming agents are produced from hydrolyzing protein raw materials including plant and animal sources and make very stable foam bubbles, much more stable than most synthetic (detergent-based) foams. This effective parameter makes protein foams an efficient product in extinguishing large scale hydrocarbon fires.


Protein foams include:


1-Standard Protein Foams

2-Fluoro Protein Foam

3-Film Forming Fluoro Protein (FFFP)

4-Alcohol Resistant Protein Foams


Synthetic based firefighting foam liquids are made from synthetic foam detergents. Foam bubbles produced from detergents make larger foam bubbles compared to protein foam and have a much lower bubble stability. Furthermore, synthetic foams because of their detergent properties when used under forceful applications including direct injection into hydrocarbon fires mix (emulsify) with the hydrocarbon, making the foam bubbles more vulnerable to burn back and reigniting.


Main Synthetic foam liquids include:


1-High Expansion Foam

2-Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)

3-Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)




Azar Kavin Co. produces both Protein and Synthetic foams, which include:
















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