Concrete Foaming Agents

Azar Kavin Co. produces two types of foam liquids which conform to high quality international standards, commercially named AK-350 and AK-700, used in the production of light-weight foamed concrete (Cellular Lightweight Concrete - CLC).


AK-350 is a high quality protein-based foaming agent produced from hydrolyzing specially selected proteinous raw materials. AK-350 has great compatibility with most types of cement and is the quality choice in the production of light-weight concrete. Bubbles produced with AK-350 are extremely stable, micro-sized and uniform with high drainage time, thus making the finished concrete of a high compressive strength.


AK-700 is a synthetic based foaming agent with the ability of creation of small, compressed, and stable bubbles. Foam concrete produced with AK-700 will have no shrinkage.





* Parameters can be adjusted according to customer request.









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