Protein Hydrolysate

Protein Hydrolysate is the basic foaming component in all protein-based foaming systems. The raw material is from carefully selected plant and animal Keratin which, unlike synthetic foams, gives us a fully biodegradable and environmental friendly foaming agent.


Besides the environmental aspects of Protein Hydrolysate, the final foam bubbles will be of small size and can be micronized and with special stabilizers give us a foam drainage and stability which almost no synthetic foam can achieve.

In firefighting, foam bubbles based on protein give us a much higher burn back performance and also a foam blanket much higher in suffocating fire due to smaller bubble size and drainage time.

The quality of the produced protein is of great importance.  In line with this, Azar Kavin has based a strict quality control system which assures us of the constant quality of the final product. Our product conforms with DIN 14272 Standard.

The main advantages of our product are:


1. Low sediment and sludge

2. Acceptable odor

3. High foaming performance

4. Regular quality control in all production steps

5. Large scale, high performance production facilities with ability of fast shipment

6. High concentration




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