Fluorine Free Foam




1. AK-Green Foam 3*3:


A multipurpose superior quality FFF Foam. 100% Fluorine Free which can be used to extinguish both polar and hydrocarbon fires. Making use of low toxic synthetic surfactants along with a vast number of sugar based and natural fire retarders, AK-Green 3*3 is a powerful replacement for AR-AFFF & AFFF foaming agents.



2. AK-Protozin:


Most FFF foams on the market have discarded or eliminated the use of Fluoro-Surfactants. Leaving aside the use of F.S. in FFF foams, we still see a harsh approach to the environment due to the high concentrate of synthetic surfactants used in these products. Protein Foams are one of the most environmental friendly foaming agents on the market which are produced from hydrolyzing natural plant and animal raw materials and are therefore 100% biodegradable with no harm to the environment and human body. Interesting to know that some types of protein hydrolysates are even used in the cosmetic industry showing their unharmful effect on the human body. Besides the environmental friendly approach of protein foams, we see a high resistancy and burn-back performance of protein foams compared to synthetic foams.


Considering the above mentioned points, we have gone a further step forward and in our new generation Envo-Protein foaming agent we have omitted almost all environmental hazardous solvents including Glycol Ethers and preservatives.


Being a professional producer of Protein Hydrolysates, we have been working on increasing the fire performance on our special Envo-Protein and have made numerous fire tests resulting in stepping up its fire knock down and burn-back resistancy. Envo-Protein is one of the most powerful & environmental friendly foaming agents on the market with remarkable fire performance.


* 100% Fluorine Free

 * Glycol Free

 * With natural preservatives


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